It’s finished(ish)!!!

I have all of the pieces connected, I just have add some form of backing to the Tunisian squares.

Bonus pictures of the kitty. I put the blanket on the floor twice. Once when I thought I was done and a second time when it was completely done. And both times he chose to sit on the waterbender square. I think he’s telling me something. ;D



caring more about animals than humans is not a sign of empathy, it is a way to distance yourself from problems that makes you uncomfortable.

when you talk about the treatment of animals and say “what if this was done to humans!?” remember that this was, or still is done to humans.

I have zero patience for people who prioritize Veganism over anti-racism and feminism

Exactly my stance.

I’m exhausted but I’m happy and cute


Scene Queens: Where Are They Now?

Episode One